Friday, October 30, 2015


This week seriously flew by! As I'm writing this it's 7:40 on Thursday night and I'm already in bed. I'm so exhausted from this week being a full week back at school (last week was only 2 and a half days). Tonight our football team starts playoffs and it's so exciting that our football season has been extended, even if only by a little bit. In past years we've only had four football games to perform at, but this year we have six! It's so fun being a senior because I know my last year has been super awesome. Also, Halloween is this weekend! I need to spend my Saturday carving/decorating pumpkins and eating candy...I just haven't had time in the past weeks! Here are a few things I'm loving.

Did you see yesterday's post? I gave ten different ideas of super easy, last-minute Halloween costumes. These are the best of the best when it comes to being super quick, but also looking good! If you haven't figured out what you're being for Halloween yet definitely check out this post!

When Vineyard Vines sent out invites to their store opening party I knew I had to attend. I attended the opening party two years ago for their pop-up store on Michigan Ave and had so much fun meeting Shep & Ian and exploring the store. This year I was super eager to attend and one of my fellow blogging besties Kathleen was attending too! It was so great to finally see each other again and shop around the store. Not to mention seeing Shep & Ian again was super exciting! Be sure to check out her blog and stay tuned for a recap from the event next week!

Don't get me wrong, I totally love carving pumpkins (and especially eating the seeds), but sometimes it's just so time consuming to take the time to carve everything out of the pumpkin. And personally, I think painted pumpkins are just so much cuter. I'm so obsessed with this DIY and I think I'm definitely going to give it a try this weekend!

If you haven't realized, I'm kind of obsessed with Julia from Gal Meets Glam. Like she's actually perfect; I really don't know how else to put it. And when I discovered she was releasing a BaubleBar collection I seriously flipped. She has incredible taste and her entire collection shows it. She has everything from jewelry to home decor in her new collection and every piece of it is seriously so stunning. If you haven't shopped the collection yet you definitely need to!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Every year for Halloween I always leave my costume until the last minute and end up being some terrible costume that doesn't even make sense. This year I planned accordingly and decided ahead of time what I wanted to be. This year two of my best friends and I are being Mean Girls. It's actually an easy costume to pull off. I'm Regina so I'm wearing a black mini skirt, a shirt that says, "On Wednesday's we wear pink", and a pink sweater over it. And you can't forget the tacky "R" necklace! The majority of our costume pieces we found at thrift stores, but the rest we had lying around the house. Here are ten other last minute Halloween costumes that you can totally put together quickly!

1. Serena & Blair
Plaid skirts, button up shirts, high've pretty much got the look down. Be sure to wear super voluminous and windswept hair if you're Serena and sport the iconic headband if you're Blair.

2. A pineapple
Featured in the photo above all you need for this look is a yellow dress (or white dress dyed yellow) and use this DIY hat! You could also wear an oversized yellow t-shirt if that's easier to find.

3. Angel/Devil
This is definitely one of the easiest costumes because you probably have everything around your house! If you're the angel wear all white, if you're the devil wear all red. Create a halo or horns and you're set!

4. Frat boy
If you have a brother you've already got everything you need for this costume. Steal some khaki shorts and a button up from him. Wear a backwards hat, sunglasses & croakies, an untied bow tie and anything with an American Flag. Don't forget your red solo cup!

5. Risky business
All you need for this is black shorts, an oversized white button up, tall white socks & a pair of sunglasses. Just about the easiest costume ever.

6. Bandit
Grab a long sleeved striped tee, black leggings, and a black beanie (and or black mask). Use a white pillowcase and draw a $ sign on it. You're set!

7. Wednesday Adams
All you'll need is a black dress, black tights and black shoes. Add a collar to the dress by wearing a shirt with a peter pan collar underneath it. Put your hair in a middle part and wear two braids.

8. Miranda Sings
So this isn't the cutest costume, but it's totally hysterical. Get some red sweatpants and either a pinstripe button up shirt or a thrifted sweatshirt. Wear your pants super high waisted and tuck in the shirt. Wear your hair in a middle part with it pinned back on both sides with bobby pins. Don't forget to add a bunch of lipstick!

9. Tris (Divergent)
This was probably more of a thing last year, but this is definitely one of the easiest costumes. Wear all black, throw your hair in a ponytail and use a black market to draw on her bird tattoo. As simple as that!

10. Damian from Mean Girls
If all else fails...grab a hoodie (tied around your face), dark sunglasses, and a sign that says "she doesn't even go here" and you're all set. Everyone will definitely know who you are.

What are you being for Halloween this year?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Five Ways To Get in a Good Mood

Recently it's not that I've been in a bad mood, but I've just been completely done with life by the time I get home at the end of the day. After a long day of school and practice all I want to do is go home and go to sleep. But, I still have to do homework, eat dinner and somewhat socialize with my family. When I'm feeling especially annoyed with everyone/everything by the end of the day these are my favorite things to do to get in a good mood to end my evening.

+1. Light a candle
Especially in the fall I love burning candles nonstop. It's also just a nice way to wind down and relax late into the evening, especially when the candle is scented. It also provides nice lighting when I'm blogging in my room and working in my office. 

+2. Make a playlist
I love listening to music while doing pretty much everything. I recently (finally) learned how to use Spotify and I'm absolutely obsessed with it! One of my new favorite pastimes is definitely making playlist for all different occasions. Whenever I'm feeling stressed or irritable I like to take a short break from whatever I'm doing and make a playlist that fits my current mood. The other night I made the best chill playlist and I've been listening to it nonstop!

+3. Watch your favorite YouTubers
I've mentioned my obsession with YouTube before, but the main thing I do to get in a better mood is watch my favorite YouTubers. I love watching beauty gurus (of course!), but also love watching others as well. A few of my favorites to watch include Miranda Sings (if you're in need of a good laugh), Connor Franta (if you're looking to talk about life) and Cambria Joy (if you need to be inspired). 

+4. Retail therapy
Whenever I'm feeling super annoyed I always like to go online and shop. Idk why, but for some reason I always feel so much better when I've found a few more things that I'd like to add to my collection of clothing. This is sort of a random thing, but shopping online always makes me feel better and puts me in a good mood.

+5. Vent & take a deep breath
Sometimes everything that's bothering you just needs to come out. I have one friend that we have a mutual relationship of venting to when we're upset. It's so nice. Usually I just need to get all of the things that are bothering me out, but not by telling the entire world or complaining about it to everyone. It's so nice to just complain for a few minutes about everything that is currently annoying me whether it be school, college apps, friends, etc. and have someone listen and give somewhat of a response, but to know that they won't repeat anything you just said. After venting I like to take a deep breath and realize that everything is going to be okay and to just relax a bit.

What are your tips to getting in a good mood?

Monday, October 26, 2015

Autumn Essentials

It's finally starting to feel (and look!) like fall where I live. Although fall isn't my favorite time of year, I totally do love the beautiful leaves changing from green to red and orange. I've compiled a few things that I've been wearing, using, or loving a ton recently during the fall season! 
Fall Essentials

field jacket // sweater // Starbuck's // excursion vest // scarf // leopard loafer // candle // camp socks // riding boots // bean boots

During the fall my eternal outfit is basically jeans, a comfy sweater, vest and riding boots or bean boots. I'm obsessed with being warm and cozy during the fall time and this outfit is the perfect way to suit my needs. I also purchased these leopard loafers and have been wearing them on repeat. I also need to have a fall scented candle burning at all times. We always have some sort of pumpkin or apple candle burning in our kitchen and I like to have something similar burning in my room. And you truly can't have fall without some warm drink from Starbuck's. I'm not a huge coffee drinker so I love a classic caramel apple spice from Starbuck's. If you're into hot chocolate however I highly recommend the salted caramel mocha! It's a coffee twist on classic hot chocolate!

What are your essentials for the fall?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Plaid Blanket Scarf

Long time no chat. Senior year has sort of thrown me for a loop and has made me a busy bee with plenty of work to do for class and college applications. I'll be back on here as usual from now on, but I took a much needed break from blogging consistently. 

Okay, so if you buy one new thing this season let it be the plaid blanket scarf. I'm sure you know exactly what scarf I'm talking about. You've seen it all over Instagram & blogs everywhere and I'm here to tell you that you need to buy it! I received one last year from Marley Lilly and I can't even tell you how many times I've worn it. It's so versatile and can be styled so many ways! Not to mention the colors in the scarf are so adorable and perfect for fall + winter! 

It can be styled as a poncho for warmth, with something basic to add a bit of style and totally casual paired with a t-shirt! I love how many ways you can style this scarf--not to mention how soft and warm it is! Shop plaid blanket scarves below:
Do you like the plaid blanket scarf look?


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tips for Standardized Tests

For all my seniors/juniors out there...this post is for you. I've taken the ACT twice, but recently decided that I wanted to take it again. I did fine on both of my tests, but if I could up my score by just 1 or 2 points it would seriously make all the difference. Truthfully, I do pretty well on standardized tests. I never get test anxiety, I can easily stay focused and tend to understand the material fairly easily. I'm here to share some of my top tips to doing well on standardized testing if you're planning on taking the ACT (I've never taken the SAT) that will make the test just a little less stressful.

+Actually eat a good breakfast
Whenever advice is offered about testing well one of the top things mentioned is to eat a healthy breakfast. I totally disregarded this because I'm typically the person to not eat before school, but bring a snack before lunch. This was a big mistake. My stomach was seriously so loud during the test and I had a bit of trouble focusing because I didn't want everyone to hear my stomach growling. Lesson learned. Be sure to eat something that will keep you full, but not something too good that will put you in a food coma!

+Come prepared
This means have your calculator charged, a bunch of #2 pencils, your ID and water with you. These are the essentials and you don't want to sacrifice your scores because you didn't have all of your necessities.

+Go with your gut & don't change your answers
It is actually proven that your first answer to the question is more often the right answer, than when you change your answer two to three times. Obviously if your answer is wrong and you realized that, go ahead and change it, but don't spend too much time lingering on if a question is right or not. Stick with your gut!

+Prepared adequately 
Although a tutor is helpful, it is not always available to everyone. Yet, this shouldn't stop you from preparing for the test. There is plenty of online prep (from the ACT) that gives you sample questions along with the answers and the reasoning. Do at least that. Taking the test is only half the battle, be sure to prepare so you decrease the amount of times you'll have to take it.

+Don't stress
The ACT is timed strangely so you have just under the amount of time than you'd like to to finish so understand that to get everything completely finished you'll have to work diligently. Stressing out about the test will only make the entire experience worse. Remember that doing well is important, but it's not the end of the world if you receive a score lower than expected. There is so much more to a college application than just your test score.

What are your best tips for standardized tests?

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Today is my eighteenth birthday and it's feeling so surreal. I seriously feel like I just got into high school, not that I'm headed off to college in less than a year. I expected my senior year to be like HSM 3, and actually it sort of is. I'm feeling like Troy in that torn stage where he has no idea where he wants to go to college, is lost about life and uncertain about his future. Truly I want everything to just slow down, but I think I need to become enveloped and excited in the future. 

Nonetheless I'm happy to celebrate yet another birthday! I typically have school off for my birthday (because of Columbus day weekend), but I'm kind of excited to go to school on my birthday this year. And head to my guilty pleasure of Taco Bell for lunch with my friends.

Seventeen was a year of huge changes in my life with plenty of new friends, a new blog and just overall a ton of fun. I hope eighteen can measure up!

Cheers to another year!

Monday, October 12, 2015

This Season's Best Boots

Fall season is boot season! I have two pairs of boots that I pretty much just wear on rotation during the fall, but this year I really want some booties! My mom and I both were talking about how we need a pair so I've been doing my research and I've compiled the best boots offered this season and in all ranges of prices. If you're going to spend a good amount of money on one purchase this season, let it be a nice pair of boots. My Frye boots were a fab deal from the Nordstrom sale, but they still weren't cheap at all. Purchasing nice leather boots will ensure that they last for much longer than just a couple of seasons. I've only had my Frye boots for one year, but they still look completely new. The same goes for my L.L. bean boots. Here are my favorite picks of the season. 
Boots for Fall

Shop these boots below!
Friday, October 9, 2015


Happy weekend! Tonight we have another home game for football and so far our team is doing really well. Being my senior year each game means so much more to me because it's getting so close to being my last! I also cherish all the time I get to spend with my team because my four years on drill team have completely flown by.

This weekend I'm celebrating one of my good friend's birthday and then my birthday (which is on Tuesday!). I can't believe I'm going to be eighteen. I'm hoping to relax a little this weekend because this week at school was pretty crazy and I'm quite exhausted. Here's what I'm loving this week!

+34 Ways To Pamper Yourself
I've been feeling more stressed than ever recently and I'm definitely in need of a little r & r. I'm hoping to at least soak in a bath at some point this weekend, but all of these ideas are so fab. I totally love idea #34!

+Tips for Studying At The Library
Ashley from Lilly & Lemons seriously has the best advice ever on pretty much everything, and I'm totally loving her tips for studying this week. I'm pretty sure I just never learned how to study and this is definitely a skill I need to get before college rolls around.

+Starbuck's Drinks Rankings
HerCampus gave the rankings of the best Starbuck's drinks and I have to say that this was so funny to read. I'm #basic and of course, love Starbuck's. The top three on the list are my favorites. A caramel macchiato will always have my heart.

+Belle of the Ball
My latest obsession. I absolutely love reading all her posts and looking for outfit inspiration on her site. She has such cute pieces and pairs them so well. And her hair is absolutely beautiful!

+Spire & Co.
Smart Girls Group just relaunched as "Spire & Co." and you need to check them out. I think you're going to totally love the new direction they're headed. I'm so in love with this new, mature look for their site, but their content is still fresh & exciting!

What are you loving this week?

& have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

September Favorites

Another video! Yahoo! I feel like I said so much in this video that I really don't need to say much in this blog post. Sorry I ramble a lot about each thing, but I tend to have a lot to say about it haha. I'm definitely working on my skills of being to the point in videos, but I haven't gotten in it down yet. These are my September favorites! Enjoy!

What are your September favorites?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Quick Fixes for Dirty Hair

Being a senior and with a constant running to-do list I've found that washing my hair has consistently been moved down to the bottom of my list. Whether it's finishing up a college essay or working on a school project or even writing a blog post, I always want to put these things before washing my hair.

During the school week I don't like to wash my hair every day because a. I really don't need to, b. it saves me so much time and c. I'm way too lazy to! My hair has a natural texture to it so washing it every day truly isn't necessary. With very little time to spare during the week I'd rather spend it doing something productive rather than washing my hair. This might sound gross to some, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

So, what do you do when your hair is dirty and you have to go to school? It is the absolute worst when you're at school and all you can help but think about is how gross your hair feels and even worse, how gross it looks. Here are my top tips to fighting greasy hair without washing it.

+Dry shampoo is your best friend
For the longest time I wanted to try dry shampoo but I seriously had no use for it. I was washing my hair every day, so it was never dirty, and dry shampoo just seemed like a waste when it wasn't needed. Now I absolutely love dry shampoo. I use the Paul Mitchell dry shampoo and I really don't have any complaints about it. All I have to say is not to use it unless your hair is actually oily. I find that my second day hair doesn't look much different from my first, so usually I only add a little bit of dry shampoo.

+Play with texture
When your hair is dirty it tends to have a little bit more texture to it so definitely take full advantage of that texture. Add some loose curls, a messy braid or bun or even just a wild ponytail. Using the texture of your dirty hair will make your hair have so much more body to it.

+Braids & buns
Whenever my hair is gross I try to stray from just wearing it straight down where all of the oil is completely visible. Definitely change up your hair style by adding a braid or throwing your hair tiny a bun. This will distract from the oil and make people focus on the awesome hairstyle you're rocking!

+Don't touch your hair
I have a bad habit of touching my hair in general, but when your hair is dirty all you're going to do is add more oil (from your fingertips) to your hair. It's only going to make your situation worse! Trust me, you can survive the day without fixing your hair every 5 minutes.

+If all fails, add a hat
For those girls that are in school this might not be an option, but if you're not at school you can definitely do this. If nothing is making your hair look any better just throw a hat on your head. Hats can be super stylish too! In the summer I love wearing baseball caps, but for the fall and winter months try a beanie or a felt hat!

What are your tips for dealing with dirty hair?

Monday, October 5, 2015

{Outfit} Autumn Vibes

It's finally feeling like fall! The weather went from zero to one hundred, being in the mid seventies one day to low sixties the next! I can't complain though because I'm pretty ready for those cool autumn nights and sunny fall days. October is definitely one of the best months of the year and I'm eager to wear sweaters and boots on repeat. 

This outfit is definitely one of my go-to looks for fall. A button down shirt paired with jeans and a vest is such a simple look, but just so fall. I love adding a fun scarf (I'm obsessed with this burgundy one) and riding boots to complete the look. And I'm loving the way I tied my scarf--totally different from how I usually do it! 

Oh and I decided to try a salted caramel mocha from Starbuck's when shooting this outfit and I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's been my goal this year to try new drinks from Starbuck's because I was only sticking to the very basics (i.e. vanilla bean frappucchino, passion tea lemonade) and I needed to start branching out. Let me know what drink I should try from Starbuck's because I need recommendations!

What's your go-to fall outfit? I'm eager to hear!

Friday, October 2, 2015


This week has been so awful. For some reason I've just felt especially in over my head with college apps and completing assignments this week. This year especially I've been really on top of things and managed to get everything done, but I definitely need this weekend to relax a bit and take an overall much needed mental break. I'm hoping to spend this weekend relaxing a lot and spending time with my family. I'm also helping my cousin get ready for her freshman homecoming dance! I'm doing her hair so wish me luck that it will look good haha. I hope you have an amazing and stress-free weekend! Here are a few things on my radar. 

I'm a huge sucker for any Disney Channel original movie, but especially their Halloween ones. Halloweentown (all of them), Twitches and Hocus Pocus are my ish. I can't wait to watch all of these movies on repeat this fall. 

From the archives of ASAK these are a few ways to make your room feel a little more cozy this fall season. I've already been lighting my favorite fall candles and adding extra blankets and pillows to my bed. My house is eternally freezing so it's nice to add that extra bit of warmth to my room. 

I've been obsessed with Cambria's videos for a while now, but every time she does a new video she seems to out-do herself. She's so inspirational! I've been on a bit of a health kick lately and I'm feeling super motivated by her latest video!

I'm utterly obsessed with this military dress I styled this week on the blog. And it's officially riding boot season so I definitely had to break those out of storage. Not to mention my bean boots as well!

What are you loving this week?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Birthday Wishlist

Welcome October!

In less than two weeks I'll be eighteen. What the heck! Seriously where did the time go. It's extremely unreal to me that I will be a legal adult so soon. Time has definitely crept up on me and being a senior and heading to college soon really hasn't had time to set in my mind. There's not much I want to do when I turn eighteen, except get my ears double pierced because I've wanted to do that for so long and my mom never allowed me to. Oh, and register to vote! I've wanted to vote ever since we did a pretend voting thing in my Girl Scouts troop and I can't wait to participate in the election. I've been trying to stay informed so that I can definitely make an educated decision on who I'd like to run our country.

With birthdays comes gifts (hopefully) and I've had my eye on a few things that I'd love to receive for my birthday this year. Obviously I'm not expecting to receive all of these things (or any of it, truly), but I wanted to give a little of inspiration to my family who is constantly asking me what I'd like. The main problem is I tend to have expensive taste so all of my gifts are on the pricier side, ha ha. 
Birthday Wishlist

GoPro // J.Crew jacket // Patagonia vest // Kate Spade watch // Kate Spade bag // Tory Burch wallet

What's on your wishlist right now?