What camera do you use?
I use a Canon EOS T3i with the kit lens (18-55 mm). If I'm shooting video I use the same camera and edit with iMovie.

How old are you and where do you live?
I am currently eighteen and senior in high school. I live just outside Chicago!

What blogs do you read?
My current blogroll is constantly changing, but the majority of what I read is listed below.

Belles in Bows
Citrus & Style

Damsel in Dior
Gal Meets Glam
Prep Avenue
Prep in Your Step
Prep Northwest
Prep on a Budget
The Blonde Prep
Undeniably Anna

Can we be pen pals?
I'm all for snail mail! Shoot me an email if you're looking to be pen pals!

Who designed your blog?
I had Stephanie via How Sweet Designs design my blog for me and she did such a fabulous job! If you're interested in further depth or are just looking for more information send me an email so we can chat!

Where can I find you on social media?
All my links should be pretty easy to find on my blog, but here they are for you again!


Why did you change blogs?
I created this new blog because I wanted to expand my blog to a new name that was more versatile. Feel free to visit my old blogs Preppy Daily and Seersucker & Stripes! I've decided to keep them up just for fun, but I won't be posting on them.

I'm coming to Chicago, where should I go?
Send a message my way letting me know you're coming and I'll definitely share a few recommendations with you! If you're a blogger and have any interest of meeting up definitely let me know!

Looking for more information? Feel free to ask me any questions by either commenting below or emailing me at may.katelyn.may@gmail.com!

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