Monday, August 31, 2015

Fun Things To Do in The Fall

I'm in as much denial as you are that summer is officially over. Although I've been in school for the past two weeks it's still been nice to have warm weekends and celebrate the last few weeks of summer. It's officially September tomorrow though. Although summer is behind us, there is so much to look forward to this fall! We had our first Friday night football game last week and we have another one this Friday! Being a senior on drill team has been such a blast so far and I can't wait to continue to have an amazing season. 

With fall comes natural colors, changing leaves and super fun fall festivities! Last fall I felt that I pretty much accomplished all of the things on my bucket list for fall and this year I want to accomplish even more! Here are a few ideas of fun things to do this fall! Be sure to plan now so you can do them all!

+Go apple picking
Apples are best in the fall and what better way to get some super fresh apples than picking them yourself. I've been strawberry picking before, but haven't gone apple picking yet! I definitely want to head up north to Michigan and check out a few apple farms this fall with friends! And maybe even make an apple pie in my new kitchen!

+Head to a pumpkin patch
For my birthday last year my parents, siblings, one of my cousins and I headed up to New Buffalo, MI, where we used to have a lake house. I loved being back where I used to spend my summers and seeing all the gorgeous fall leaves in Michigan. We had to find a pumpkin patch and after searching for a while we finally found one. It was seriously the cutest thing. See photos here! And baked pumpkin seeds are definitely one of my favorite things in the fall season.

+Go to a haunted house
I can't say I'll do this in the fall because I'm such a wuss, but so many people love going to haunted houses around Halloween time. When I was in seventh grade I went up to a friend's cottage in Michigan and her family friend rented a school bus to drive a bunch of people around to a ton of different haunted houses. Had I not been terrified (and crying) I definitely would have had a blast! They're not for me, but for people who enjoy that thrill they seem to be a ton of fun!

+Watch old Disney movies
Remember when Disney Channel original movies were pure gold? Yeah, I miss them too. I can't wait for the fall to watch Twitches, all of the Halloweentown's and Hocus Pocus! Honestly that is one of my favorite things about the fall time. Oh and you can't forget ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween!

What are you excited for this fall season?

Friday, August 28, 2015


Oh hey there. I've been quite MIA the past week, mainly due to exhaustion and trying to keep up with  my first full week of senior year. I'm hoping my workload doesn't greatly increase these next few weeks and that I'm able to consistently post. 

Anyways, my school year is starting off great! I switched around a couple classes and I could't be happier with my schedule! Although I am taking a lot of AP courses my schedule is broken up with frequent breaks throughout the day. Not to mention a super fun bocce tournament we have going on with the kids I sit with at lunch!

Tonight is the first football game and I'm so excited! Being a senior on drill team is so bittersweet, but I'm eager to make the most of each game/practice to have a fantastic season. Football games have to be my absolute favorite part of the year. There's something so exciting about performing under the lights and wearing our super cute uniforms!

Here are a few things I've been loving this week!

+If you didn't get a chance to shop Krass & Co's sale last week you definitely should do a bit of shopping now! I'm obsessed with my newest pair!

+Feeling uninspired? This post from the archives of The College Prepster offers 50 different blog post ideas!

+I love this article of advice from 7 girl bosses -- a must read for girls looking to take over the workplace!

+I'm adoring Sammy's post about her endeavors at USC especially this one on how to be a more productive student

+How cute is this outfit from Caroline? I'm shocked those shorts are from Old Navy!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to relax!

Monday, August 24, 2015

How To Get Ready in 10 Minutes and Actually Look Good

I'm a night owl. School nights especially I tend to stay up way too late watching YouTube videos, binge watching Netflix or finishing up assignments. So who can blame me when I want to sleep in for an extra five (or thirty) minutes in the morning? I'm the queen of waking up late so I've learned a little bit about getting ready in a jiffy and I'm here to share my tips! We've all been there when we wake up way too late and end up looking awful and feeling bad about it all day long. Here's the best way to get ready super fast and actually look good!

+Do it all the night before
This is my main strategy for getting ready fast. It all happens the night before. Be sure to do as much as you can the night before. My sister can always trust herself to wake up on time to do the things she needs to in the morning. I, however, will end up waking up late and scrambling to do the many things I forgot to do the night before. Pack your backpack, lunch and athletic bag (if you're on a sport) the night before. I like to have my backpack ready to go, along with a healthy lunch and the clothes I need for drill that day.

+Make a playlist
Make a playlist that's fairly short and only allow yourself that playlist time to get ready. If you playlist only has about 3 songs that's about ten minutes already so ensure that once the playlist is over you're finished getting ready! You can also plan on doing something over the course of one song. For example you could say, "Okay my hair and makeup has to be finished by the end of this song!"

+Skip the heavy makeup
I'm really not into wearing a ton of makeup every day, but if you like to and you're running late, skip the foundation and all of the extras. Go for a light powder just to give your face an even tone, apply some quick bronzer to give your face some light color and curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. This makeup look is so quick, but is just enough. You won't look like you woke up so late! If you really want/need to you can apply some concealer to those under-eye circles or blemishes.

+Go for a basic outfit
If you don't have a uniform, the majority of us like to pick out something cute to wear most of the time. But, sometimes we're just at a loss for time. In this case I'd recommend either throwing on a plain t-shirt and jeans or some running shorts and a t-shirt. Honestly, being a senior I've been very lenient about what I wear. Really, just wear what makes you comfortable! If I'm running late and have had a rough morning I'm going to be so thankful later when I'm wearing a comfortable outfit at school.

+Au natural hair
This year I've really been trying to embrace my natural hair and I've worn it natural this entire school year! Okay so I've only been in school for a week, but last year I straightened my hair every day for the first four months of school. I'm so over spending so much time on my hair so now I just like to wear it natural. This is such a time-saver in the morning too because you don't have to spend 30 minutes straightening or curling your hair. If you're not okay with wearing your natural hair go for a cute side braid or ask someone to french braid your hair in class! This way your hair looks like you actually tried and you look great!

+Breakfast on-the-go
Obviously if you're running late you're not going to have the luxury of sitting down and enjoying a nice breakfast and coffee. If you must have your coffee, put it in a to-go mug and drink it at school. Trust me, no one will judge you. And grab a granola bar or trail mix that you can eat in the car or in between your classes!

How do you get ready quickly?


Thursday, August 20, 2015

August Pieces

Just because the school year has begun doesn't mean I won't be still wearing summer clothes! I still have the weekends to wear fun summer dresses and hit up the farmer's market! I've gathered my absolute favorite pieces for the month of August and I'm totally in love with each and every item! Although I can't wait to break out the riding boots and sweaters, I'm still embracing every last bit of summer, even if I'm in school.

August Pieces

Remember that Gossip Girl episode where they have an end of summer white party? Yeah, so I've pretty much dreamed of hosting one of those ever since I saw the show and maybe I will before I head off to college next fall! Anyways, a cute white sundress is an absolute must to fully embrace the last seconds of summer. I'm so in love with this one from J.Crew. And of course I'm totally swooning over this modern twist of a classic striped tee. And what better than an adorable bag to match your new every day tee? This dusty blue tote from Rebecca Minkoff is seriously to die for!

Off the shoulder has been one of my favorite trends this summer and I'm utterly obsessed with this off the shoulder romper from Topshop! And how cute is this peplum style cami! It would look incredible with these wedges and a pair of white jeans!

What are you loving for August?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What's in My Backpack

The school year is here and I thought this was totally an essential post! I had my first day back yesterday and it went surprisingly well. I'm still convinced the entire year is going to be like High School Musical 3 though so I'm hunting down a Troy Bolton!

I've used the same backpack for a couple years now and I think I've got down all the essentials that I like to carry around during the school year. The #1 tip for success in life is to be prepared. Always show up to school with everything you need and all supplies for each class. I seriously cannot stress this enough! My freshman year I was so good at this and would actually get so anxious if I forgot to do an assignment and had to scramble to do it before class. Sophomore year I got a little lazy and would do things at the last minute, but to make this year as simple/not stressful as I can I definitely want to show up to school with everything I need and entirely prepared for each class.

Here's what I keep in my backpack!

Backpack Essentials

First things first everyone needs an agenda! I'm obsessed with my Lilly one and absolutely love the layout. I've been using Lilly Pulitzer agendas since the start of high school and they have helped me keep organized and made sure I wrote down & completed all of my assignments. Obviously you're going to need some writing utensils and these Kate Spade pens are just too cute! And if you have writing supplies you need somewhere to store them! I'm so in love with my pencil pouch. It's seriously the cutest--although the zipper is sometimes a struggle. In addition to writing supplies you'll want some folders and notebooks. I like using the ones from Five Star and coordinating the same color notebook and folder for each class.

 As far as little extra things you might need having a snack, chapstick, gum, Advil, and lotion are much needed. Also if your phone doesn't hold it's charge and you use it frequently throughout the day I suggest purchasing an on-the-go charger. This one from is super cute and also gets the job done. I also love bringing headphones to school because I like listening to music in my study hall while I work. 

Additionally this Tory Burch cosmetic bag is perfect for storing feminine products in your bag. You seriously don't want to forget those! Also, don't forget to bring a water bottle to school every day. I'm forgetful and tend to forget my water bottle a lot, but then am so disappointed when I'm parched in class and can't leave to get water.

The backpack I use is the North Face Surge II in navy and I absolutely love it. It has so many compartments and fits everything you could possibly need for school. Besides that I like the neutrality of the navy color because it never clashes with my outfits. North Face backpacks are also super durable so I highly recommend them!

Now I'm dying to know...what do you carry in your backpack?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to School with Krass & Co.

I head back to school today (sobbing), but I'm actually excited to get my senior year started! I'm just hoping to be a little more open this year with meeting new people because it's my last year in high school and I truly want to make the most of it!

Tryouts were all last week for drill team and I'm happy to say I made the varsity team! This year tryouts were more intense than ever and they made so many cuts. In previous years I never stressed out too much about tryouts and at first I wasn't nervous at all. I have been on varsity since my sophomore year so it didn't seem like I had much to lose. But as tryouts progressed it made me so nervous to see which team I would make. 

Anyways, this year I'm so excited to be a brand rep for Krass & Co.! They have amazing athletic wear for guys and girls with the cutest prints on them! I just ordered a pair for myself, my brother and my sister! If you love their products as much as I do you can use the code KRASS50 for 50% off everything! If you're eager to try out their products, now's the time. If you happen to wait though I have a personal coupon code for 15% off your purchase so feel free to email me for that!

Onto the topic of this post. So being a brand rep for Krass & Co. I wanted to share my current favorite styles offered on their site! Fall sports have already begun and cute workout apparel is totally needed! So, take a peek at my top picks from Krass & Co. Oh, and don't forget they have guys apparel too! My brother actually just ordered a pair of shorts from here too!

Krass & Co.

For me, drill practices and badminton later in the spring having cute workout shorts is a total must. Also, let me just say that every review on their website is so positive! Everyone that tries these shorts is obsessed! I just ordered a star spangled pair and I can't wait for them to arrive! The shorts above are three of my other favorites!

Have you shopped Krass & Co. before?

Xoxo & happy back to school!
Friday, August 7, 2015


Cheers to the weekend! I'm trying to make the most of the last few weeks of summer and doing all that I can to enjoy it! Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was super sick and ended up falling asleep at 8:30 and not waking up until 7:15 the next morning! I'm still sick, but trying to power through and end summer on a high note. I'm headed to a friend's lakehouse this weekend and couldn't be more excited to skip down just before summer ends. Here are a few things I've been loving this week. 

+Heading back to school? Take a peek at my 10 backpacks for back to school post!

+If you're headed off to college this fall you HAVE to check out Shannon's dorm from last year. Seriously #goals!

+I have this hat and I'm so excited to wear it in the fall. There are so many other colors to check out too!

+Super easy, healthy and cheap dinner recipes from Better Homes & Gardens. A must try for back to school!

+If you're living in a dorm this school year you have to read this post about dorm room living.

+I love Carly's post about her daily uniform; mine would be something along the lines of something mint, white or navy!

+These floral ice cubes would be perfect for an end of summer soirĂ©e! I'm dying for my kitchen to be finished soon so I can finally have people over for a little party!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

10 Backpacks for School

As much as I hate to say it, school is starting for me so soon. I'm going to be a senior this year (ahh!) so I feel like I've mastered the whole "back to school" thing by now. Except for being nervous in my new classes, that is something that will always happen! Today I'm sharing my top ten backpacks for back to school. I'm a huge fan of the actual backpack rather than a tote just because I carry so much around with me at school and I like something a little more functional and comfortable. I carried a tote in like sixth grade (LOL) and I remember it hurt my shoulder a ton. But I added a few big totes into my list just in case you like that style better. These bags I feel are super stylish and also very practical for carrying around from class to class. Whether you're in middle school, high school or college one of these bags is sure to be perfect for you!
The last bag featured is the one I have! I have the North Face Surge II backpack in navy. Besides the fact that navy is one of my favorite colors, I knew I wanted something more neutral, but not black because pretty much everyone at my school has this bag in black. I personally like this bag better than the North Face Jester (the one my sister has) because this one has so many pockets. My sister thinks it has way too many compartments, but I love that it does! My brother has the North Face Recon and totally loves it too! Personally I feel like North Face backpacks are perfect for high school and college students because they are minimalistic and also super functional for every day use. 

I also found this adorable backpack company (via the Smart Girls conference pics!) that is launching in just a few days! Madeline & Company is seriously so cute and perfect if you're looking for a backpack that is a little more stylish!

What backpack/bag do you use for school? And what other back to school posts do you want to see?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Best Things To Do In the Morning

I was recently reading a blog pot about five things to do in the morning to properly "seize the day" and was totally inspired to write this post. These are the things that if I do them in the morning I find make my day so much better!

+1. Hydrate!
I know everyone says to do this, but seriously it's so important. I know water can taste totally gross when you first wake up, but drinking a large glass will really kickstart your metabolism and boost your energy. My sister isn't a huge fan of water so she always infuses it with fruit to give it a little more taste!

+2. Stretch it out. 
Doing some yoga or just basic stretches in the morning gets your muscles going and makes you feel less groggy. Even if it's just a few basic stretches (& you're even still in bed) it's better than doing nothing. I stretch at dance every day, but I find stretching out a bit in the morning really gets my body going. 

+3. Chow down.
I am always the type of person to skip breakfast, but I find that when I eat a balanced breakfast I have so much more energy throughout the day. During the school year the main reason why I skip out on it is because I like to sleep in as late as possible, but planning out a delicious breakfast the night before will totally motivate you to get up and make yourself some food!

+4. Get moving!
I'm always the one to say "Oh, I'll workout later today." but seriously, when does that ever happen? If I get up and relax for a bit to start my morning and workout right after my day is already so much more productive. It's nice to be lazy in the summer sometimes and sleep in/lounge, but getting up and getting active is truly going to help you kickstart your day.

+5. Inspire yourself.
I recently made a wall of fun art from Pinterest with inspiring sayings on it. I rearranged my room a bit, but before it was in clear view from where I slept. That way when I woke up I would see these quotes and be totally inspired to get up and get sh** done! Also, try setting your phone wallpaper as something inspiring because we all know you're sure to look at that first thing in the morning!

+6. Take a time out.
I'm always the one to get on social media right after I wake up to see what I missed while I was asleep. But sometimes there's something so peaceful about relaxing and not focusing on what everyone else is/was doing. If you're into it, try writing, journaling or drawing first thing in the morning. You can write about something as simple as what happened the day before, or write down goals you wish to accomplish! It's totally up to you!

Oh and don't forget to lounge in your PJ's for as long as possible in the morning...especially if they're cute!

What are your favorite things to do in the morning?
Monday, August 3, 2015

3 No-Heat Hairstyles

This past weekend I was at Lollapalooza which was such a blast! But let me tell you, it was hot hot hot! I started each day with my hair down, but as the day progressed I was putting it up because it was way too hot to have it all over me. After the weekend I realized that there were so many awesome heatless hairstyles on Pinterest that I just needed to give a try. Here are three of my absolute favorites! These hairstyles are super quick (because you need zero heat, duh!) and look super cute. And they all get the job done of getting your hair out of your face!

ONE //  One of my friends wore her hair like this on the first day of Lolla and I totally loved it! All you need to do is pull your hair half up half down and then braid all the way end, securing it with an elastic. Then take a small chunk of hair from one side and braid this too. It looks super cute and also keeps your hair out of your face. 
 This hair is so cute and super easy! If you know how to fishtail (if you don't fear not, check out this tutorial!) you're set! Grab a pretty large section of hair and fishtail it back. Secure it with an elastic. Then create a bun of some sort. I really like this super messy one here. Tuck in the braid and maybe add a few bobby pins! & you're done!
If you have long hair this modern twist on the classic ponytail is perfect for you! Gather your hair into a low messy ponytail and secure with an elastic. Start loosely braiding for three to four inches and then tie it off with another elastic. If you're feeling the messy look just pull out some hairs in the front to frame your face.

What are your favorite heatless hairstyles for the end of summer?