Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 Things To Do This Summer

Summer begins tomorrow for me. And it feels totally strange to say that. This year really flew by and the final weeks of school completely snuck up on me. I feel like after school on Friday I will feel that it's just another weekend when really I've left school for good! With so much time on my hands now (besides hopefully getting a job...) I've rounded up a few fun things to try this summer that are so worth the time! I obviously love spending time by the pool, but I feel like doing that every day can sometimes feel like a waste. Here are five fun things to do this summer that are a little bit different than your typical summer activity. 

+1. Watch a sunrise/sunset
The closest beach I live near is in downtown Chicago which is only about 20 minutes away from my house. Taking the train or driving down to the city to watch the sunrise just sounds like so much fun! My friends and I are hoping to do this next week and then later hit up the beach for a picnic! 

+2. Do outdoor yoga
One of my favorite summer memories was when a group of friends and I opted to go to Navy Pier for a yoga class outside and then go out for breakfast! We ended up being the only ones in the class so it was basically like a private lesson for the four of us. Plus, we started our day off in a healthy way and then explored around the city!

+3. Explore somewhere new
The best thing about summer has to be the weather. I absolutely love being able to wake up with the sun shining and the warm heat beating down. Last year I explored a few new spots like Wicker Park, River North and the Gold Coast which I hadn't explored in great detail yet. Chicago is a super interesting city so there's always something new to find! Let me know if you'd like a Chicago travel guide!

+4. Cook @ Home
Probably most of my money goes towards eating out. It is seriously a habit I need to put an end to because half of the time I have plenty of food at home but am just too lazy to cook something up. Dining al fresco is probably my favorite thing ever so grab a friend and get cooking! Then enjoy your meal outside!

+5.  Go through things
For all the folks that are heading to college this fall I guarantee you're in a similar situation to me; you have hella clothes that you just don't wear and aren't planning to bring to school. California being so far I need to be fairly picky on what clothes I bring to school; if I'm not wearing it now I can guarantee I won't wear it at school. Go through your room and get rid of things you don't wear. Plato's Closet isn't the best, but you can get some money for your things so its worth a shot!

What are you looking to do this summer?



  1. I love these ideas! I always try to find time to do new, exciting things during the summer!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  2. Great ideas! I love watching the sunrise/sunset as much as possible, it's the perfect way to start and/or end your day :)


  3. I would love a Chicago travel guide ;)