Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 Easy Ways To Save Money

Ask anyone that knows me. They will most definitely say I'm terrible with money. I am always in debt to my parents in one way or another, I spend money I don't have and I spend money on ridiculous things that I don't even need. However, after going to school last fall with more than enough money and spending almost all of it before first semester ended I knew I needed to clean up my act.

My biggest problem in this area was definitely the introduction of a debit card. In high school my sole form of income was babysitting which almost always was paid in cash. I always paid in cash because it was the only form of money I had so I wasn't able to order things online unless I went through the trouble of giving the cash to my parents and convincing them to let me order something. Once I got a debit card however, I instantly felt like I needed to order legit everything online and went a little wild.

Having learned from my mistakes I was determined to make a lot of money this summer, and also spend only a minimal amount of it. I'm all about treating yourself and a good shopping spree, but within reason. So, here are my five essential tips to saving money!

1. Pay in cash (or card)
This might seem misleading, but let me explain. For me paying with a card seems like I'm not actually paying. I'm much more reluctant to pull out a nice wad of cash and actually fork over $100 rather than just swipe a card. When I want to cut my spending I opt to only pay in cash because it leaves me with a limited amount that I'm allowed to spend (always do this when you go out!) and I can't spend any more than what I have.  But for my sister she'll spend practically any amount in cash, but never charge things. So, find what works for you and plan accordingly!

2. Cut back on eating out
Seriously I know you've got a fridge full of food in your house...just go make something! I love eating out just as much as everyone else, but I follow one essential rule when it comes to spending money on food: it has to be some sort of social gathering, not just Chipotle on my way home from work. I'm totally down to spend the cash when I'm actually spending time with someone, rather than just buying a bunch of calories for me to eat alone.

3. Chill with the Starbuck's
First semester I literally spent an insane amount on Starbuck's just because it was convenient and I passed it every day. But for real, just make coffee at your house if you drink it and if you're like me and just like their fruity drinks just pass on probably don't need the extra sugar anyways.

4. Save a portion of your paycheck
This is something I'm still working on but plan ahead a specific amount from your paycheck whether it's $20 or 20% that you will put into savings each pay day. You'll soon start realizing how much money you've saved in just a short amount of time.

5. Mint
Mint is literally such an awesome app. You enter in all your bank info (not sketchy, I promise) and it tracks your spending. I was so shocked with how much I was spending each month on Ubers and eating out! You can also set limits so you know when you need to stop going out to eat or shopping.



  1. These are such good tips! I am terrible with saving money and I'm always trying not to spend any but it's just so hard.

    Desirae ||

  2. who doesn't love simple and elegant things. These are amazing. this doesn't delivers in my country, its a highly reliable source tough, I wish it did.